Chester Press

Bringing you the stories that no one else publishes.

Truth is stranger than fiction, but what is stranger than truth? Chester Press goes the extra mile to seek those stories you won’t get to read about otherwise. Follow our lead investigator, Chester, and fellow investigator Jasmin, as they uncover the odd, the bizarre, the cutting edge and the down-right stupid.

These are the stories you never knew you wanted to know, the truth that you can bring out to astound your friends at the pub, the tidbits of knowledge you can drop to break the ice at an awkward office party.


Chester Press makes no claim that any of the posts or comments published on it by its authorised or unauthorised representatives, members, followers, likers, hangers-on and/or well-wishers are verified, or that there is a modicum of fact contained within them. Nor does it claim to be an authority, an advocate, an administrator or any other word beginning with ‘a’. Nor does it claim that the people, places, images, videos, events, timelines, universes or scientific facts are anything but utter bunkum, even though there is a chance that they might not be.

There, that should keep the lawyers happy.


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