Wormhole blamed for Disappearance

A rift in the space-time continuum has been cited as the ‘most likely’ reason Professor James DuClair of Michigan is no longer contactable.

“It’s completely out of character for him to just go wandering off. There’s nothing to suggest foul play, nothing to suppose he might be in hiding,” says a colleague, who refused to be named, “If you know Jay, you know that the only thing that could stop him from coming into work is if he got swallowed up.”

The only evidence to his whereabouts lies in his laboratory, where his notes, equipment and even his desk have vanished. Strangely, CCTV footage shows Professor DuClair entering the premises, but not leaving.

“He couldn’t have moved all of this by himself, and there’s always someone here, so they would have seen something,” says the colleague, “The killer thing is that his research is gone. In a way, it kind of explains what happened.”

When asked about his line of research, we were denied any details, informed only that Professor DuClair was working on ‘Trans-Dimensionsal Propagation of Photons’.ChesterLogoSmall

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