New Zealand to Annex Australia

An intensive, three year long investigation has yielded a surprising result: The country of Australia should be considered a state of New Zealand.

The counter-intuitive conclusion of Maxwell Foreman’s thesis pertaining to Geological and Tectonic Boundaries and Established Political Regions shows that, while most of the countries follow an implied pattern, Australia and New Zealand are large exceptions.

“The problem appears that, since Australia and New Zealand have been colonised only very recently, in the grand scheme of history, there hasn’t been enough time for the usual flexing of borders to align with the Earth’s natural boundaries,” says Maxwell.

He goes on to say that while there are many such examples where the political climate has had more influence than the natural, the Australia-New Zealand situation is unique.

“New Zealand is essentially an archipalego with Wellington sitting almost perfectly on the arithmetic mean and, surprisingly, the mass of Australia is, geologically speaking, merely an island of that cluster,” he states, “Given time, we might find that Australia will be absorbed into the nation of New Zealand.”ChesterLogoSmall

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