Giant Radiators to Cool the Earth

To address concerns of global warming, scientists in Seattle have proposed the construction of ‘Giant Radiators’ that would act like mammoth size heat-sinks, radiating out unwanted heat into space.

A conventional radiator uses convection, conduction and radiation to sink its thermal energy to the surrounding environment, whereas the new structures would rely solely upon radiation.

“The design is as efficient as we can make it. Still there are intrinsic inefficiencies that are physically impossible to overcome. Nevertheless, these can operate day and night, constantly absorbing ambient thermal energy and radiating it into space, reducing the overall temperature of the globe. Over time, we’re confident this would combat global warming,” says Doctor Pike, a member of the team that put together the proposal, “It’s not dissimilar to what astronauts use to maintain the temperature of their suits, only on a much, much larger scale.”

Since the net motion of energy is out into space, away from Earth, the overall temperature of the Earth will reduce. “The current simulations point to a 0.7 degree drop in average global temperature over a five year period,” says Dr Pike, “Physical trials may prove otherwise, of course, still it’s an exciting prospect.”ChesterLogoSmall

Robo Traffic

Distracted drivers are not at fault, according to new research. The Robotic Automotive Administration yesterday announced that car manufacturers are responsible for the traffic and injuries caused by distracted drivers, not the drivers themselves.

“It’s simple, really. Humans are designed to talk, to look, to interact for short periods of time. They aren’t designed to drive long distances in complicated environments in sub-par conditions. They get tired. They get emotional. So why are we blaming the human when they feel the need to check their social media?” says the RAA release, “If we give a knife to a toddler, can we blame him if he cuts himself?”

Vehicle technology, the report says, has improved in areas of efficiency and comfort, but it has failed to keep up with the trend of mobile phones and social media. The report goes on to cite the lack of a push from car manufacturers to develop automated cars. While it makes no absolute claims, it does imply that they have their own agenda for keeping people behind the wheel.

“We cannot blame social media. We cannot blame communication technology. Above all, we cannot blame the user. We have the capability (to created automated vehicles). We have cameras and sensors, actuators and high speed processors, navigation and traffic warnings. There is absolutely no reason why we cannot see automated cars on the road, which would alleviate congestion, reduce the number of serious incidents and improve the quality of life of all commuters.”