Winning Streak

“Cheaters prosper”, a subject inspiring stories and films, has more weight behind it since the world’s longest cheating streak was exposed.

Nathan Campbell, originally of Delaware, USA, made the decision back in 1984 to set up residence in Nevada. What drove him was a roulette board.

“I found it on a hunch, and I watched it over five whole days,” he says, “First I thought it might have been the croupier, but it wasn’t. Had a good run for the next month and, after that, I decided to spend a bit more time. Next thing you know, I’m making a living out of it, so I stayed.”

The bias on the wheel was only uncovered after the casino, that wishes to remain unnamed, audited their equipment in ‘the older section’. Ordinarily, casino equipment is checked and calibrated on a regular basis, but somehow the ‘older section’ was missed. After viewing CCTV footage from archives over the years, they spotted Mr Campbell and immediately investigated.

“It’s a fair cop,” he says, “I’ll cash up and move back to Delaware. Had a good run, eh?”ChesterLogoSmall