Clean your ‘Outbox’

Chatting on a phone while sitting on a toilet has long been considered taboo. The same goes for sending texts and emails while ‘Talking to John’.

SanitGreen’s pilot app, LuFu, can automatically sanitize emails and texts before they get sent out, letting the receiver feel confident that their messages are hygienic. The app uses the phone’s GPS sensors to determine whether the sender is ‘occupied’ while they construct their message, and then activates a cleaning routine on the message as it leaves the device.

“Version two of the application has seen a marked improvement in the custom-built LDS (Lavatory Detection System). We use not only device location awareness, like GPS and triangulation, but an incredibly advanced sonic detection routine that looks for the common sounds of urinals, flushes, echoes, etc. We’re confident that our client’s will be more than happy knowing that the emails they’re sending out are socially acceptable,” says spokesperson for SanitGreen, “We’re confident that we’ll clean up on the market. The current Beta release of Version 2 is geared toward a Western lavatory, but we’re working on making this compatible around the world.”

In a recent survey about attitudes towards those who ‘Wipe and Swipe’, 70% of respondents considered the practice ‘unsanitary’ and, of these, 20% said that they would refuse to open a message if they knew they sender had ‘unwashed hands’.

“It’s a significant market, and a strongly biased market. We’re just giving the consumers what they want, and that is cleaner messages traveling through the communications network. If they leave the phone or tablet clean, they arrive clean. No skids on the wires.”ChesterLogoSmall