Fishtaki, a ‘top-of-the-foodchain-only’ sashimi restaurant is employing top chefs to prepare and serve up top meals to the ocean’s top predators. Sharks are getting the swim-up service at a new ‘Shark Restaurant’ the Uvongo beach reserve in South Africa, all thanks to eco-tourism.

“We had issues with sharks harassing swimmers a few years ago. At the same time, we had many divers wishing to see these breeds up close. This way, we solve two issues,” says local Mayor Johan Gomabili, “The money that comes in from the increased tourism more than compensates for the added expense of top chefs.”

When asked why such culinary talent was required, he says that it is to cater to the right tastes.

“We get a lot of ‘raggies’ (Ragged Tooth Sharks) and Cow Sharks that are curious, but they aren’t the ones we want to keep away from swimmers. Bull Sharks are especially aggressive, so we’ve been studying their tastes, their habits and catering the fish served to their palette.”

The sashimi is served via an underwater sushi-train, keeping the chefs safe and dry, and well out of range of diners looking for dessert.ChesterLogoSmall